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Affordable Creativity

Highlight your commitment to providing creative design solutions at an affordable price. #affordablecreativity

Creative Solution.

Utilize my creative skills to visually communicate messages & tell compelling stories through design.

Never Ending Ideas.

Experiment with different styles, techniques, & aesthetics to bring fresh ideas to the table.

User-Centered Design

Always keep the end-users in mind. Design with their needs, preferences, & behaviors in focus

About Me.

About Me.


#affordablecreativity - By Faizan Abdullah

Welcome to the Creative Haven of Art By Faizi!

Unlock the potential of visual storytelling and experience the enchantment of captivating design. I am Faizan Abdullah, better known as Faizi, and I bring over 5 years of professional experience to the realm of graphic design. I am passionately committed to transforming ideas into remarkable works of art. With a combination of creativity, expertise, and an acute attention to detail, I specialize in crafting visually stunning creations that leave a profound and enduring impact.

What distinguishes me is my unwavering dedication to comprehending your distinctive vision and translating it into compelling designs that deeply resonate with your target audience. Whether you are a startup seeking a commanding brand identity, an established business in need of a marketing collateral makeover, or an individual seeking personalized artwork, I am here to bring your creative aspirations to life.

  1. Deliver Quality Work
  2. Set Clear Boundaries and Expectations
  3. Maintain Professionalism and Ethical Standards
  4. Communicate Effectively and Professionall
  1. Utilize Design Templates
  2. Collaborate with Online Platforms
  3. Stay Updated with Design Trends and Best Practices

Embrace an iterative approach, creating multiple design iterations and revisions based on client feedback. Be open to constructive criticism and use it to refine and improve the design until it aligns perfectly with the client's vision.

  1. Understand the Project Requirements
  2. Conduct Research and Gather Inspiration
  3. Brainstorm and Generate Ideas
  4. Refine and Select the Strongest Ideas

Creative Heaven

By employing a collaborative and iterative design approach, I endeavor to encapsulate the core of your brand, narrative, or concept. With meticulous consideration of colors, typography, imagery, and layout, I craft cohesive arrangements that elicit emotions, stimulate engagement, and raise your message above the surrounding clamor.

I invite you to take a moment to peruse my portfolio, which features a compilation of my past undertakings and showcases the wide spectrum of clients I’ve had the privilege of partnering with. Feel free to reach out today to initiate a conversation about how we can manifest your vision and embark on a creative journey together.

My Services.

My Services.


As a Designer, the services I provide may vary based on my design expertise and the specific needs of my clients.




primarily focused on creating visually appealing and effective designs

Have a Project For Me?

Have a Project For Me?

Let’s kickstart your upcoming project together! Whether you’re looking to revamp your brand identity, undergo a website redesign, or have any other design need, I, as a graphic designer, thrive on collaboration and firmly believe in the power of teamwork to bring ideas to fruition. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to initiate a conversation about your project, and let’s embark on an extraordinary creative journey together!

I’m eager to hear from you and engage in discussions on how we can partner for your next creative endeavor. Please don’t hesitate to contact me using the provided information. Whether you have a specific design inquiry, a project proposal, or simply wish to explore the possibilities, I’m here to provide assistance.




The logo designed by ARTBYFAIZI for ANAAJ brand is outstanding. It cleverly captures the essence of their flour and grain business with a unique and artistic touch. The design is not only visually appealing but also effectively conveys the brand's identity. A job well done

Samiullah Co-Founder of ANAAJ SS ENTERPRISES

I'm extremely pleased with ARTBYFAIZI's social media post design for Branmarketo. The creativity and attention to detail in their work are remarkable. It perfectly captures our brand's message and aesthetics. Their design is helping us engage with our audience effectively. Great job!


ARTBYFAIZI has done an excellent job with the business card, letterhead, envelopes, and social media posts for Etimaad Advisors, a tax company. The design perfectly reflects our professional image and values. It's helping us leave a strong impression on our clients and online presence. Highly recommended!

Suhail Imdad Co-Founder of ETIMAAD ADVISORS

The work by ARTBYFAIZI on Rising Skills Institute's branding is truly exceptional. The logo, business card, letterhead, banners, and posters all convey our institute's modern approach to digital skills training. Their designs have added a professional and attractive touch to our image. Highly satisfied with the results!

Usman Aslam Manager & Instructor

ARTBYFAIZI's logo design for Yaseen Group of Companies is outstanding. It creatively captures our company's identity and vision. It's professional, eye-catching, and leaves a lasting impression. Very pleased with the results!





Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, ideas, or requests. I am committed to providing prompt and professional responses to ensure a smooth and enjoyable collaboration experience. Let’s connect and transform your vision into visually stunning reality!
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That sounds great! I’m excited to work together on your project. Collaboration is key to achieving outstanding results, and I’m confident that our combined efforts will lead to something truly remarkable.

To get started, please provide me with more details about your project, including your specific requirements, objectives, and any inspiration or reference materials you may have. The more information you can share, the better understanding I’ll have of your vision and goals.

Looking forward to working with you!